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Holding Hands

Conscious of Timeframes

  • Whilst it is understood hospital workloads are busy, a major problem is timelines between appointments, between treatments and waiting on hook-ups.


  • Having responsibility for a patient implies a concern for their welfare.

        When patients are in a vulnerable condition, weeks delays or even days, can have an impact where their health deteriorates so rapidly            that they never bounce back to the position they were previously at.  Being on parenteral nutrition and nasal feeding tubed patients are        required to be closely monitored.


  • One of the glaring shortfalls with NDHB is the job sharing of positions and the lack of information and reports being passed on or accessible for review. Note taking in some departments is unacceptable and patient needs are not passed on. Unfortunately specialists involved in the care are not always made aware of these shortcomings.  

        Again these cause delays which impact on the patient with irreparable damage.


  • Accountability…who is co ordinating care and responsible? This seems to get shifted around between professionals and departments. Then blamed on “falling through the cracks” and therefore avoiding responsibility.

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