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Holding Hands

About Ruby's Voice

Mission Statement

To create a professional public profile, being RUBY'S VOICE, that will be the platform for 

Gastroparesis Awareness, Medicinal Cannabis Education and Patient Advocacy.


Utilising website and social media  forums, as well as public speaking engagements to inform and assist patients, their families and health care professional’s - supporting Chronic Illness, specifically Gastroparesis. 

There will be educational spaces and programs designed to help using a range of resources.  


To provide information on Medicinal Cannabis and access through healthcare professionals. Sharing up to date research and clinical information as well as patient experience.


Provide support with Patient Advocacy. Providing tools for patients and health professionals to communicate  and find solutions to patient care without the "fight" to be heard. with an emphasis on compassion/ empathy giving patients a voice within their treatment pathways 

Objectives:   Exerts from Charitable Trust application

We hope having a voice and sharing Ruby’s Story will alter belief systems. 

Her story is incredibly sad and she suffered immeasurably from incompetence, arrogance and prejudice….but RUBY WASN’T SAD!! 

Ruby lived each day with such passion and vitality. She achieved some incredible feats... a supernatural energy that left us in awe of her strength and courage.. and mostly her love. 

Every day we are seeing stories, in main stream media, about patients suffering and mostly due to not being listened to. We are getting a barrage of ill-informed reports on the Cannabis reform. Ruby used CBD and THC products with incredible benefit. The barriers she had to fight through and the stigma attached are mind blowing, even when her prescription for CBD was through the hospital. This will form another aspect of Ruby’s Voice.

Through Ruby’s Voice we hope to enlighten health professionals by sharing Ruby’s story directly. A real story with devastating consequences but hopefully a story that will bring enlightenment and change for so many people in similar situations. 

A story with many personal successes and a life lived well. 

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