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Medicinal Cannabis Education

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Ruby’s journey with medicinal cannabis is well documented.

She was an advocate that had a voice any opportunity she could for the rights of patients and their choice to choose appropriate treatment pathways.

This included any health professionals involved with her treatment, anyone who would listen and responded honestly to media enquiry of her story.

During her illness and eventual transitional phase, Ruby advocated for cannabis as an alternative to the many prescription medications used to cover/control a raft of symptoms, including severe abdominal pain and nausea.


She became one of Northland DHB's first scripted patients for medical cannabis treatment after her body simply refused to accept the much heavier and “more dangerous” mainstream pharmaceutics.

She had been prescribed and tried  Oxycotin, Ketamine , Codeine and various other cocktails to alleviate her ongoing severe pain issues. She either had a reaction or they had no effect at all, as in 10mg of Ketamine - enough to knock out a horse had no effect on her.

Cannabis was found to be far more effective for Ruby, as it is known to be with many others worldwide. Anecdotal evidence. 


She was a brave and empathetic young woman that faced extreme criticism and stigmatised for her stance by the medical fraternity, but she REFUSED TO GIVE UP!


When Ruby started using cannaboids they were illegal in New Zealand, (unless prescribed by a specialist and approved by Ministry of Health).

Her voice was and continues to be one of the many crying out for change.

On the 1.4.2020 Medical Cannabis became legal through legislation in New Zealand. A triumph for the many victimised for an alternative approach. We wait for it become more cost effective and accessible for all those who choose it.

We hope to see continued education and research done to give patients safe and affordable pathways here and across the globe.

It was always Ruby’s intention to bring a well-informed view to patients seeking knowledge around cannabidiol treatment.  8 weeks before her transition, this very ill young woman (discharged home from hospital to die the week before) picked herself up, boarded a plane and headed to Canada,  to research and experience potential cannabis treatment options not available in New Zealand.

Although supported on this journey by her Mumma, to the disbelief of many she made the long flight and two week stay in Canada, going from place to place looking at all the options available. 

Such was her tenacity and determination to find hope to find solutions for herself and those she championed.


It is with this hope and tenacity we continue to bring her voice to the many, in a never ending quest of up to date information and research to empower others on their journey.

While it is intended this platform will be as informed as possible, sharing our experiences;

We cannot advocate enough that you turn every rock, ask every question and never take no for an answer.

You are your power. You are your own advocate. And your voice matters!!!

We wish you the very best on your journey to health. There will be many obstacles, many challenges, but you like all patients visiting this site are a key to a better tomorrow, a shining light in the darkness for all to see.


By sharing Ruby’s story it maybe your survival guide

Medicinal Cannabis Education


An overview of Ruby’s experience with medical cannabis use.


In the early stages of Ruby’s illness, while awareness of medical cannabis was in its infancy in New Zealand, it was available overseas..

As Ruby’s illness progressed, her knowledge deepened in the search for alternatives to the many pharmaceuticals, prescribed to manage a raft of symptoms, but with as many side effects.


These included but not limited to;

  • Severe abdominal pain

  • Continual and extreme vomiting/reflux

  • Nausea around the clock

  • Appetite loss

  • Insomnia

  • Dehydration/Malnutrition

  • Anxiety and stress


There were many challenges, not only from some of the health professionals involved in her care (some were very supportive) but also availability of quality products on the black market. Realiability of product, price, quality, contamination (through chemical applications) the unknown cannaboid strains and their affect and a number of other issues.

At the time cannabis use was illegal and little known about the healing properties in New Zealands mainstream medical profession.

Ruby used cannabis through a variety of methods - edibles,oils,tinitures, vaping and of course smoking.

Towards the beginning of use and through to her transitional stage, a combination was used to manage pain. Ruby could not tolerate any pain killers and ‘consciously died’ using only prescribed medical CBD and smoking cannabis for THC element specific for pain management.


I believe its important to state that Ruby was NOT anti western medicine or the people involved in her treatment.

She never turned away from any oportunity to find answers!!

But she believed that holistic healing could align with the healthcare systems for solutions one could not find with the other. And that there is room for more open mindedness to patients seeking alternatives, less stigma, less judgement and less professional bias.


As Ruby’s knowledge base grew she engaged  the support of the Green Fairy network throughout New Zealand. This network has a wealth of knowledge in regard to therapeutic cannaboid use and works unselfishly to assist patients. This combined with her own dilligent research of published articles as well as patient experiences, lead to the pinnacle of her desire for solutions, the renown trip to Canada just weeks before her passing.  It has now become her legacy.


It was in Canada that some wonderful knowledge and expert advice was sort and found. This happened through connecting with the team of City Cannabis Vancouver. Their teams empathy, compassion and deep knowledge of cannaboid treatments and products were key in helping symptoms. They gave understanding to varied strains, use methodogies and the entourage effects combining to produce symptom relief.

Specialist doctors at the Medical Cannabis Resource Centre and Springs Eternal Natural health Centre provided invaluable advice and knowledge.

Without a doubt these treatments and products improved Ruby’s wellbeing. 


Strains of cannabis became extremely important. As many strains there are, so are there specifics for symptom relief.

While New Zealand has a known, easily accessed market for cannabis, the cannabis available is bought without being labelled as to what it is.  The patient has no idea what is being sourced, unless known directly to  the supplier. Due to NZ illegal context this is ofen not the situation. 

Knowledge around strains , methodology, application rates, tolerance levels are critical to finding appropriate symptom relief.

The visit to Canada provided Ruby with high grade, safe and contaminent free regulated products.  She could select , access and trial a variety of cannaboidal products that were quality tested and thoroughly understood by suppliers/manufacturers. This was in stark contrast to New Zealand and its stance on prohibition.

 Ruby was able to align specific strain with the symptoms that she was experiencing at that moment. A strain for insomnia to assist sleep, a strain to uplift and energise, a strain to dull pain and nausea.


By Rose

The team from ByRose cares about improving your life quality by creating quality, organic & New Zealand made products designed for well being since 2015.

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