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Would you like to get involved and help support Ruby's Voice?

You can help by supporting our cause with either your time, financially or offering goods and services.

If you would like to know more about what we are raising funds for please send us an email enquiry.

We appreciate any support and suggestions. Thank you!

Ruby's Voice Trust  Bank Account   BNZ 02 0336 0060322 00   

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What We Want To Do

Sharing stories to help those going through similar struggles to not feel alone and to be able to share the stories with their team for better understanding of the condition.  We will be looking to use film and writings of individuals narrative to share


Information brochures.
Create pamphlets with information about Gastroparesis  for distribution at health facilities  



Work with DHB's and Chronically ill people to create a health passport for ease of frequent ED visits and hospital admissions.
Have a summary of health information on hand reducing wait time for assessments and repeating same information to each practitioner seen. This is particularily exhausting for patients. Patients files can be 6inchs thick with important notes inbedded deep within.


Organise and host fundraising events that are FUN and raise awareness of Gastroparesis. The funding will be to support the Trusts achieving its objectives.


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