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Holding Hands

Professional Responsibility


  • Remove yourself from being part of the care team if you have neither the inclination to understand the patient, or are distracted by your personal life.  Your inattention can literally be the difference between life and death. 

       If  the ball gets dropped, own it, step up and don’t deflect it back onto the patient as their responsibility. Too often mistakes are made            but responsibilty deflected back onto the patient. 




  • Do not dismiss further testing or investigation as costly, or in your opinion ,pointless as adding another condition that is ‘incurable’. The patient has the right to answers. Answers tell a comprehensive story and can make sense of symptoms and options for controlling them. Having a diagnosis may be the key to unlocking further treatment options or management solutions, and connecting with Doctors specialising in those fields.


  • Every patient has the right to knowledge and most would personally pay for it if given the option. To be REFUSED trialing treatment due to affordability is insulting and fails the patient. 


  • Leave EGO out of the room. If a patient has more knowledge don’t be precious and feel threatened. Be professional and use every opportunity to be educated and informed.

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