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Holding Hands

Professional Bias

When the OPINION of one health professional influences and shapes the care of the patient by the OPINION being passed on as fact.


  • Labelling a patient and ensuring that label is repeated throughout the notes and shared with care team.

  • What is written in notes becomes the reference for all those that follow. 

  •  Preventing further investigation, damaging reputation and adversely affecting care.


  • Using terminology like “refuse” or “reject” when in fact the correct term is “react” to medications. This also forms professional bias. The next medical professional forms an idea that patient is non compliant. It places a patient at blame or deems it psychological.


  • When a patient communicating with members of medical team and you disagree….based on your personal opinion not fact…refrain from imposing that opinion. Again it prevents thorough investigation and you have belittled the patient.

I would like to note that I do reference  Anorexia a lot, due to Ruby continually being told she had it....and if she had there was no support.

                                                                 I would like to acknowldge  those who suffer too. 

 From my latest research I have discovered professional bias affects those who are struggling with eating disorders to the same degree as those with Gastroparesis and other chronic illnesses. 

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