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Trust objectives

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Meet the Trustees

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Jo Hill

Settlor Trustee

I have the honour of being Ruby and Mitch's mum.

Ruby’s Voice Trust is fulfilling a vision Ruby had for effecting change in the hope that no one else would need to go through what she did. For me, it is the desire to see a change to what I witnessed as an outdated belief system in the current health model. These beliefs that prevent patients from not only being heard but having a central role in their care and in many cases, like Ruby’s, with devastating consequences.

The most important goal from sharing Ruby’s story is that it can be a resource for others with Gastroparesis and chronic illnesses ,to share with their medical teams and families to gain better understanding.

Tory McKeogh


My amazing friendship began with Ruby the day she was born. Age is no barrier to friendships. Ruby’s life was cut short too early, so Ruby’s voice is her
voice for us to continue. Miss you, gorgeous girl.


I am looking forward to working on the trust and my main role will be fundraising.


David Postlewaight


I am a community pharmacist with 20 years of experience in healthcare settings both here and overseas. My special interest is medicinal cannabis and
I’m passionate about helping patients navigate our healthcare system.


I was very fortunate to meet Ruby through work and our mutual interest in medicinal cannabis. Unfortunately for me this was at the end of Ruby’s
journey. She was an inspiring young woman who had so much left to offer.


Mira Roessler

Accountant YHPJ

I am very pleased to be supporting Ruby’s Voice in my role as accountant for the trust.

Ruby and I worked together while we were both studying. We developed a friendship in a short time and had lots of fun and laughter.


Effie Nurse

Registered Nurse

I feel very privileged and honoured to be a part of Ruby’s Voice, having known Ruby before the Gastroparesis, she was the light in every room and lived her life to the fullest every day. As a Registered Nurse having seen Ruby go through her journey with Gastroparesis and the challenges she faced with the healthcare system, my passion to raise awareness for this debilitating disease and for patient advocacy is immense. I really look forward to contributing my knowledge and support as a trustee.


Kelly Sandford

Website Designer

I knew Ruby growing up in Mangawhai and we became closer when she became ill. As a family we would often visit her at home or hospital.

She had a huge heart and a big passion for raising awareness around Gastroparesis .

She was an inspiration to many and has left behind a legacy that we proudly continue.

When Jo approached me to create a website and become apart of the trust, I was more than happy to join the team. I'm looking forward to seeing the big changes we can make!


Ben Simmonds


I feel very privileged to be welcomed on to the board of Rubys Voice, Ruby has been a special friend for many years with many fun times and great memories, she spread joy and happiness wherever she went.

Knowing Ruby before and during her health journey really opened my eyes to professional bias and the state of our healthcare system. With the need for patient advocacy now more then ever, I am very honoured that I can be a part of her legacy.

Bringing a background in team and business management with a drive to succeed, I really look forward to providing all the knowledge and support I can as a trustee for Rubys Voice.

And to the people who are our champions... 



I would like to acknowledge the amazing friends for whom we are so blessed to have in our world.  

Their encouragement and enthusiasm for the value of this project has kept it on track when I have waned. 


They stood so strong with Ruby and I throughout her illness, her passing and now. Their nuturing, love and support of us enabled us to still laugh and choose joy...even when the going got tough. Many hospital visits were filled with dark humour and mischief. Laughter really is the best medicine!

To all of you who we had the fortune to have by our sides.

From my heart....Thank you!!

jo xx

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