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Steph's Story

Farewell Steph


Stephanie was a fun loving vibrant young woman in the prime of her life when Ehlers Danlos entered her world. While the symptoms lay unrecognized for her junior years, in her early 20's things took a turn for the worst and thus began her journey within 

the medical fraternities ability to call the shots not only on her physical wellbeing but also on her state of mind inflicting her with mental health accusations of creating her own illness, Psychiatric diagnosis and even being sectioned under the mental health

act and forced to attend treatment sessions that put her life at risk.


A TRAVESTY that another young  human has died from Professional Bias . (The ability for a senior medical staff member to inaccurately diagnose and determine the course of a patient's trajectory and treatment throughout their illness )... would be stating the facts lightly.

Another family torn apart by the lack of care and empathy afforded them because of the unwillingness of the system or individuals to acknowledge their own mistakes even persecuting those willing to stand for change.

It is important to note that their are many within the health system that have incredible patience ,. dedication and kindness in what is a system  that is full of overworked , underpaid and exhausted beyond imagination staff trying to do their best but even these tireless workers are tainted by those above them and their opinions , This is seen time and time again with chronic illness sufferers who bear the brunt of such bias/misdiagnosis paying  with their lives , This was most certainly the case with Steph.


Steph and other brave souls are at the front line trying to be heard , speaking out against a system that's broken , A system that protects itself and those within 

when mistakes are made, A system that is in dire need of change and accountability it is our hope that every single life lost creates a new and better pathway for those to come by those who have already walked the path who's have stood had a voice and now lay at rest after fighting with everything they had to be heard.


We the ones left behind are forever grieving for those lives needlessly lost and the gap left within our worlds of what could have been .

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