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       Ruby's Voice Fundraiser - Raising funds to establish a Scholarship for a PHD Student at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute

       working with Dr Tim Angeli-Gordon developing leading edge technology.

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Our Mission

To create a professional public profile, being RUBY'S VOICE, that will be the platform for Gastroparesis Awareness, Medicinal Cannabis Education and Patient Advocacy.

The Trust

By sharing Rubys story we are creating an opportunity to assist  patients engaging with their health professionals.  A real story with devastating consequences but hopefully a story that will bring enlightenment and change for so many people in similiar situations.

Get Involved

If you would like to get involved and help support Ruby's Voice. 

Whether you can help by supporting our cause with your time, financially or offering goods and services.


Ruby's Story
It is also a story that reflects the level of care and treatment received by many of the sufferers of Gastroparesis and chronic illnesses, in both New Zealand and overseas.

Ruby died on April 29th 2019 after a fiercely fought battle with Idiopathic Gastroparesis.  This is not the outcome we could have ever expected. She showed exceptional strength and bravery and we are stepping up to the plate to continue to raise her voice.


Ruby had been a fit and well young 19 year old, hours off gaining her pilots license, when she had an appendectomy in October 2015. She never recovered from the operation and returned to hospital many times in search of answers to explain her pain and inability to hold food down.  

Ruby had lost all the motility of her stomach and was eventually diagnosed with Gastroparesis.  Her journey through seeking diagnosis and treatment was complex and challenging.

The following is her story and highlights the difficulties that she experienced with her care during her many many hospital admissions.

How labels of "its all in your head" and "anorexia" prevented her from being given the treatment she needed.

 It was Ruby’s desire throughout her illness to improve care for not just herself, but anyone else struggling within the medical system.

Ruby 3.jpg

Gastroparesis Awareness

Although Gastroparesis is not widely known about by health providers or the general public, there is actually a lot of information available globally. It is often a case of this information requiring time and an invested interest to research.

By sharing Rubys's story and those of other suffers we aim to offer insights to diagnosing / treatment and management. We are not medical professionals nor claim to know it all, but through someone elses experience opportunities exist for further understanding. 

Ruby 2.jpg

We hope to see continued education and research around Medicinal Cannabis to give patients, safe and affordable pathways here and across the globe .

To advocate for patients to have choice in their treatment and without prejudice that it can include Cannabis.

It was always Ruby’s intention to bring a well-informed view to patients seeking knowledge around cannabidiol treatment. 


Empowering patients to have their voice and expanding on health professionals experience and understanding, for them  to more readily accept the patient is at the forefront of their own care.

Media & Latest News

Ruby's Voice supporting Auckland Bio Engineering 

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"One day you’ll tell your story of how you overcame what you went through and it will become someone else’s survival guide"

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